Quality. Beauty. Artisanal. Precise.

What’s behind the Intrinsic Body brand? Intrinsic Body Helen

Our master artisan’s expertise and knowledge comes from an extensive background in industrial engineering, specifically in the aeronautical and medical fields, where precision is key. This knowledge and expertise informs every aspect of the Intrinsic Body brand, from design specs and fabrication methods and techniques to the selection and custom design components of equipment used and workflow best practices implemented to produce each piece.

Our philosophy

If you’re going to approach the design and engineering of a fine piece of body jewelry like a precision jet engine or sophisticated medical device, then it only makes sense for every element that goes into the work to be of optimum quality. Therefore, only the highest-grade materials are used at Intrinsic Body, including medical implant grade titanium and stainless steel, fine gold, and semiprecious stones. Materials are chosen not just for their intrinsic beauty but also for their biocompatibility.

Every piece of body jewelry produced at Intrinsic Body is made with the intent that your jewelry will be an intrinsic part of your customers for many years to come, and we endeavor to create pieces that will stand the test of time in every way.